Casey Smith Professional Landscaper Photography


professional landscape photography at its finest

If you are looking for stunning images of the Australian landscape, there is no better photographer than Casey Smith. He is an accomplished artist of the photographic medium, as you will see from this evocative collection of images. Armed with a Linhof 617IIIs panoramic camera and tripod, Casey travels Australia extensively taking on the vast terrain, dedicating hours, even days at a time pursuing the perfect light and conditions in order to capture remarkable photographs of his native land in all its glory. He has travelled to many parts of the country in search of the perfect image, from bustling cities to barely-touched wilderness areas. When you browse through his stunning online gallery, you will find work that includes images of the Cocos Island, Tasmania’s vast wilderness areas and even photos of the wide open space up north that many of us will never see in person. His dedication to travel is what truly sets Casey apart from other photographers, as by doing this is he is able to capture images from off the beaten track that would otherwise remain unseen.

He captures the environmental diversity of the Australian landscape with spontaneity, purity and a sensuality so aesthetically pleasing you will find that to look deeply into any of his photographs, your mind will be captivated and momentarily transported into the wilderness. He has a razor sharp, disciplined eye and chooses simple yet powerful compositions that are technically brilliant and vibrant, a reflection of his studies, qualifications and talent formed through many years of practice. You will find that many of his images contain particular colour schemes and contrasts. His images of lush rainforests really aim to enhance the calming green foliage, while photos of the Cocos Islands are concerned mostly with the pristine azure waters. Similarly, sunsets and outback shots make the most of stunning orange, red and pink hues. With a clear love of photography and the Australian landscape evident in his work, you are sure to enjoy browsing through images by this talented artist.

casey smith accredited professional photographer

equipment used by casey smith

casey smith photography equipment
  • Linhof 6x17cm Panoramic CameraLinhof 617 Panoramic Camera
  • 72mm Schneider Super Anglulon Lens
  • 90mm Schneider Super Angulon Lens
  • 180mm Schneider Lens
  • Fuji Velvia 50 120 Slide
  • Minolta IV with 5 Degree Spot meter
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • All images are scanned on a Hasselblad X1 Scanner