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Brisbane City Skyline, from the Adina Hotel.

Posted Saturday, July 27th, 2013

In 2007, I took a trip from Adelaide to Brisbane for the Riverfire and classic photo of the F111 display over Brisbane City skyline. After leaving a friend of mine and finding a position nice and early, I waited for the nights activities to happen so I could capture a great shot that I have […]

The Key To Photographing Waterfalls

Posted Monday, July 8th, 2013

  One of the questions I get asked a lot as a photographer is, “How do you get such nice waterfall photos” Well keep reading as I am about to explain the simple things that will get you great shots with no problem at all. First you will need to have  2 elements of nature […]

Detail In Your Low Lights

Posted Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

If you have ever wanted to know how to get that photo that shows the colour of the sky when you are taking that wonderful sunset photo but also giving your detail in the water and not getting the typical dark area of one half of your photo, keep reading as I am about to […]