About HTTPS for credit card payments.

Posted August 31st 2012 by

During the construction of my website one of the final parts of the site was to set up the payment system.

My website is set up with Eway payment gateway, to get this installed into my site I had to go through a sequence of procedures before anything could be added to my site. This involved applying for a business name through ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission); once that was approved I could then open a business account with NAB. After that I applied for a merchant account, once that was set up I was able to have the Eway gateway setup for my website.

But there was just one more part to add, and that was a SSL Certificate that guarantees total security will be used, so no credit card details can be stolen from what be would hackers during a purchase from my website. I was told that if I didn’t have the encrypted part set up on my payment set up that the bank would close my merchant account and I could not continue trading.

So be assured that when you make a purchase, all details will be completely secure. And if you ever wanted to know if a site you are visiting and making an online payment too, look at the top of the page where the website URL is, and if it has HTTPS with a lock next to it, then you can be sure that the site is safe.