Adelaide City, Double Exposure.

Posted October 4th 2012 by


A while ago I read a story on how a photographer did a double exposure and captured the city in daylight and as well capturing the city lights in the one photograph.

So with somewhat of an idea how to go about it, I thought I would give it a try. I did this photo when I was living in Adelaide , so I ventured into the city with my Fuji a roll of velvia as well as my light meter. Standing from across the Torrens, I waited for as late as possible for the sun to hit the city. Lucky for me I had some pretty cool clouds above the city to give the image a bit more drama. I took my first exposure for the city , from what I recall I think the exposure was around 4 seconds at F16 or 22, cant recall as it was a long time ago now.

Without winding on the film at all, i waited for about an hour for the sun to set and the sky to be totally black, it was then that I took my second exposure, this would be for the city lights. This exposure was for about 8 mins.

The image here is a product of what I did that late afternoon / night.