Basics on taking a good landscape image

Posted December 9th 2013 by

australian panoromic photographerAlmost everyone has access to a digital camera these days. Cameras can be bought in the store, smartphones can be equipped with them, and even tablets have digital cameras. This has caused many people to want to start taking their own pictures either as a hobby or professionally. However there is a huge difference between just snapping a photo and taking a great picture. It takes thought, planning, and attention to detail to make a great professional photo.

First of all you need to understand the composition of a photo. Every single photo is a work of art and that means as a photographer you need to pay attention to things like the foreground, background, and the subject elements in the photo. Even things like the lighting matter when taking a great photo. Think about something like landscape photos. Is it better to take that picture during the day, morning, or evening? The time of the day will effect where the shadows in a picture fall and how long they are.

This is also true for panoramic photography. You will need to consider the elements in the pictures to take sure that everything looks great together. The next part to look for is lines in the picture. What you want to find are things like roads, paths, or even sunlight. These elements do not have to be straight either. Sometimes it’s better use angles or diagonal lines in a picture.

This is important because you want to find a frame in your picture. That means you can use elements in your photo like a bridge, trees, tree-lines, or beaches. The same is also true for indoor photos as well. Look for elements like a bookcase or a table that will provide some sort of a frame in your picture. Also make sure that you avoid centering items in your photo unless it makes sense to do so. Many amateur photographers will gravitate towards centering an element in a picture. Professional photographers will generally offset the subject in the photo and capture some sore of a natural frame for the background.

An easy way for photographers to accomplish this is use the rule of thirds. That means when taking picture, try and divide the photo into three parts. Many digital cameras will assist with this by having an option that will display gridlines in the viewer. This really helps a photographer lineup elements in the photo and take a really great picture.

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