Brisbane City Skyline, from the Adina Hotel.

Posted July 27th 2013 by

In 2007, I took a trip from Adelaide to Brisbane for the Riverfire and classic photo of the F111 display over Brisbane City skyline. After leaving a friend of mine and finding a position nice and early, I waited for the nights activities to happen so I could capture a great shot that I have seen many times before.

It was there I met Garry Schlatter who thought that where I was positioned was also a good position for a photo of the dump and burn. But Garry had a better idea, he left for about 10 mins and spoke to the reception desk of the hotel that was above us about getting a higher view. To his credit he came back and told me that we have access to the pool deck of the hotel on the second floor. It was there that I captured a photo that will now be used in front of the Adina as part of a 3 meter banner for this years Riverfire.

This is how I have captured the photo below, in return for the file, I asked if I could have access to the top floor of the hotel for a few hours on sunrise and sunset to get some photos for myself as well as for the hotel. Below is one of the photos I captured on sunrise. It certainly is a great view from the room and one that I am very glad I had the opportunity to have.

To see more of the images I captured please click on the link below.