Grange Jetty Sunrise, Adelaide, SA

Posted June 4th 2012 by



Grange Jetty is located on the coast of the South Australian city of Adelaide. There is a number of jetty’s that line the coast as these were used for shipping docks to load and unload cargo bound for Australia.

This is one of my favorite shots I have taken and still is, I had a week of work while my parents were visiting me, so I made a point of going to Grange Jetty every morning to capture what I was hoping was just that one photo that took my breath away when I got it back from the lab.

Well this is that shot that had that affect on me, it was on the fourth morning I was there and as the ice swimmers walked past me kindly reminding me that the sunrise was behind me and not it front of me that the light show started to happen. As the sun started to rise it hit the clouds that were behind me and turned it to a blood red sky, some of which you can see in the clouds above the jetty. So I set my camera to an exposure of 1.5 mins, which made all the water, which was already calm seem like a smooth lake. But it wasn’t that which I was really happy with when I saw the film, it was the color from the blood red sunrise that had bled onto the jetty itself that I couldn’t believe I had captured, because when I was taking the photo I could see that on the jetty at the time. So to this day it will always be one of my favourite shots in my collection.