Linhof T617 Panoramic Camera

Posted June 5th 2012 by



This Linhof 617 Panoramic camera is primarily what I use to take all the panoramic photos that are currently on this website.

The Linhof is a dedicated panoramic camera taking either 120 or 220 roll film, taking either 4 shots per roll or 8 shots. The body is made up of a die cast aluminium, which can take a pretty hard knock if you accidentally drop it.

The lens how ever is a little more delicate, I currently use the 90mm F5.6 German made Schidner lens, and the clarity and sharpness of this lens is sharp from edge to edge with no distortions at all. It has a 1.5 stop filter on the front to avoid any light fall off at the outer edges of the film.

I love using this camera and there is nothing better than getting film back from the lab, coupled with an Hasselblad X1 scanner, I am able to produce a file that can be printed to 100 inch (2.5metres) with no loss in clarity or sharpness at all.