Riverfire F111 Fuel Dump and Burn, Brisbane City.

Posted September 24th 2012 by


In 2007 when I was working in Adelaide it was commonly known that the infamous F111 would be ceasing operations in the Defence Force. With that information I decided to fly to Brisbane with the hope of capturing a photograph for myself of the F111 Fuel Dump and Burn over Brisbane City that happens every year.

I scouted the area with a fellow photographer and found a space that I thought was going to be great for the direction that the jets were flying that night. So armed with my Fuji G617 I set up camp pretty early that day. As always people are intrigued about why you are there, and it was that day I met another keen photographer who was there for the same reason. But he thought that if we could get higher just a little bit, we would be better placed. So Garry went into the Medina Hotel and asked if we could set up our cameras from the pool balcony. To my surprise they let us up there.

After setting up, and waiting for the sun to well and truly set, I started what was to be an exposure that spanned over a 30 min time frame and 5 separate exposure on the one frame, the first was a 10 min exposure of the city which allow me to get a clear image of the city, as the smoke from the fireworks later on engulfed that in a matter of minutes once it started. The second exposure was for the first pass of the F111 from Woolloongabba and straight over our heads, the third was for the fireworks and I did 2 separate ones for them, and the last one was for the second pass of the F111 from Southbank and finishing over the story Bridge.

The above photo is the product of all those exposure put together. Lucky as I had one go at it and I feel I nailed it.