Lilydale Falls is an easy drive that is located just 25 minutes from Launceston. Once you arrive there is ample parking for you off the highway. Located inside the grounds are  BBQ facilities as well as sheltered areas for entertaining.

The walk into the falls has two parts, the first is an easy 5 minutes walk along a very flat track that is engulfed in ferns and trees to give you a sense of peace and quiet as you walk in. As you walk around the track, there are small drop-offs that are easy to access where you can look at the flowing waters at a different level.

There is a small bridge to cross over that will let you know that you are close to the first falls. As you arrive at the first falls you can see them from above and decide if you want to go to the falls below, to get to the lower level you will have to go down four sets of stairs that are steep but not too difficult at all, once you are at the bottom it opens up to the base of the falls that is constantly flowing from above.  There is not a lot of room to move around but it is worth the effort that’s for sure.

The second falls is just another 5 minute walk and is very easy for anyone to go further on, there is a very slight incline to them and you can also view the flowing waters to your right as you walk along the path, once you arrive there is a viewing platform that gives you a good elevated look at the second falls located in the park.

This is a stunning area to visit and worth the drive, it is very easy and safe for anyone wanting an easy walk into the rain forest. Bring the kids and food and you will have a great day out. It is all fenced off from the highway and has public amenities as well.

Click on the short video I have done when I was there last. Also, I have added some photos I have taken with my Linhof so you can see more.