Payment Gateway For Casey Smith Photography

At Casey Smith Photography we use a very secure gateway system that is much the same as Paypal, you enter in your credit card details, Eway process your transaction for you. Once its approved the money is drawn from your credit card in real time, Eway then send the money to the website owners account within in minutes of a purchase. The best part of the system is that Casey Smith Photography will not see or hold anyone’s credit card details, that way there is no chance at all of identity theft or credit card theft by Casey Smith Photography or if a computer is stolen.

SSL Encryption has being implemented into the payment gateway making it impossible to gather any information regarding credit card details as payments are being made on this website. So you can be assured that all your information will be protected at the highest level possible.

At Casey Smith we accept all types of credit cards, Visa, American Express and Mastercard, All transactions from all card types will be processed and handled by Eway Payment Gateway, ensuring that there is no fraud committed, that way you can be assured that when you purchase a photo from Casey Smith Photography you will receive a print in the mail no later than 2 weeks from purchase date if in Australia.

Vision Lab, Redfen, Sydney

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Vision Imagelab is a complete service package for the professional photographer.
From 1988 they have been one of Sydney’s leading photographic prolabs and with the change in times, from analogue to digital, they have kept their services up to date and relevant to today’s career photographer.

At Casey Smith Photography we use this lab for all our E6 processing as it is monitored closely and consistently by a technician with over 10 years processing experience

Fuji Velvia 50 Film

Fuji Velvia 50 Professional [RVP 50] is a professional daylight color reversal film with an ISO speed rating of 50. Nearly identical in performance to FUJICHROME Velvia for Professionals [RVP], this film was made possible through the development of new production technologies and substitutes for raw materi- als vital for the manufacture of the current Velvia but now hard to procure. In addition to the world’s highest level of image color saturation and vibrancy, this film combines superb granularity with resolving power. The result is well-modulated, vivid color reproduction and high picture quality, as required in such wide-ranging subjects as nature photography, fashion, products, interiors and artwork. It is especially suited to subjects that demand precision in reproduction and emphasis in colors.


Australian Stock Photography Website is a small business run by passionate photographers. We are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, but have supplied our images to clients Australia-wide and also internationally.

The goal is to supply clients with high quality photographs for your projects. Whether your project is a corporate brochure, a personal website, or a commercially printed calendar, we aim to provide you with a variety of images and photographs to suit your needs.

Click on the page to take you to a separate page where you can browse through the images on this wonderful website.

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GenX Photography

GenX Photography , portraiture photography in Launceston Tasmania