Printing Specifications

Created For Life Print Lab

Created For Life Print Studio is  Australia’s premier digital colour lab, pushes the quality of fine art printing to bold new levels. Created For Life was established specifically for the discerning artists who demand the utmost in excellence and archival permanence in their prints. Created For Lifes professional, highly skilled staff, with their understanding of colour deeply rooted in their traditional craft, utilises state of the art equipment to provide you with the highest levels of expertise available in colour printing anywhere.

The name Created For Life came from a desire to print beautiful pictures that would last. Created For Life are specialists in printing on Fujiflex paper, which offers the best archival qualities of any photographic material available. To complement Fujiflex printing expertise, Created For Life utilises a range of the latest large format Epson printers to produce outstanding inkjet prints.Also, the prepress technicians offer the best in image preparation, colour separation and production of proofs to breathe life into every visual element of your print production.

Created For Life offer a true end-to-end solution, bringing your vision to life for generations to come. The combination of expertise, commitment to detail, and artistic talent is unparalleled anywhere in Australia. In fact, it rivals any service in the world; that’s why photographers, artists, and book publishers the world over engage us to develop, process, manipulate, print, mount, frame, pack, ship, and restore their works.The reason I choose Created For Lifefor my printing is I am choosing a company with  care about their products without compromise. You’re choosing artistic and technological expertise. Most importantly, you’re choosing quality befitting your vision.


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