Shooting with the Linhof 617 is an absolute pleasure to use, it’s incredibly easy to shoot with and the hardest part is making sure you get the exposure right.

It comes with 4 lens variations and I have 3 of them, the wide 72mm which is equivalent to an 18mm in 35mm, the 90mm which is a 24mm, and the 180mm which is the standard lens configuration for the 617 formats.

The quality of the glass is unmatched and has been been used by many photographers over many decades. It is a workhorse and is totally mechanical with no batteries required at all, just a light meter and a tripod is all you will need, with just a few neutral density filters to help with those bright skies.

100% of the images I take with my Linhof is with Fuji Velia 50, it is the film of choice for most landscape photographers since its introduction in 1990, and everything is scanned by my Hasselblad X1 Scanner (read my blog post about that as well).

The prints that I produce from the combination of the camera, film, and scanner are incredible. I have a 2.5mtr print in my kitchen and as close as my eyes will focus, I can’t see any grain at all.