We at Casey Smith Photography work in conjunction with Inkjet Lab in Brisbane for all our printing, framing, and delivery, we believe in their work ethic because they are a team of professionals with more than 30 years in the trade as well as taking incredible pride in everything they do. They take care of the entire process for us from the time you place an order to the delivery to your door. We stand by this team so much so that if you are not happy with the workmanship, you will receive a 100% refund on the return of the product.

The managing director who is also a professional photographer himself has an extremely keen eye for detail, it is this confidence that translates to the quality of their work that leaves the studio to grace the walls of your home.

Acrylic Mount – Once you have chosen your favorite photo to be mounted onto a gallery floating acrylic, the utmost care is taken to produce a product that is finished to the highest possible standard possible. Our images are mounted behind a 4.5mm optically UV protected clear piece of acrylic. The acrylic is an extremely impressive way to mount a print, the depth it gives a photo is unmatched.



Metallic Print Only – designed with an incredible density in the blacks and rich colors across the whole spectrum, this smooth, high-gloss, photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth. All of our printing is completed using metallic paper and the silver halide look it reproduces is just amazing.



Canvas Mount- Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a term created by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991 to refer to digitally-reproduced fine art prints. … Combined with the finest quality canvas and inks, giclée fine art reproductions rival original artwork in beauty and detail. Every canvas is made to order, Inkjet Lab takes time with every individual canvas that they produce.



Framed for your Home –  We will work with you to create a custom framed print that will suit your own personal needs. Pricing for framing will vary depending on the type of frame we customize for you. We have put a price that is a starting point for you consisting of a 3cm white matt board and 3cm wooden frame.